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Top 10 Epic Anime Weapons

We’ve seen some interesting weapons in anime, from giant guns that can obliterate entire planets to Usopp’s “1000 Ton” hammer. Here, we will list our top 10 most epic weapons.

Most intelligent anime villian?

After much discussion, we have narrowed the most intelligent villains to two: Yagami Light from Death Note and Meruem from Hunter x Hunter! Now before we discuss on which of them deserves to place top, do note that there will be MAJOR…

Vegeta Vs Jiren?

The writer of the Dragon Ball Super hinted at the importance of Vegeta presence and his role in the tournament of power. Vegeta has a huge role to play in the Tournament of Power and it could be a match against Jiren.

Tokyo Ghoul New Director

As many of you may already be aware from our previous blog post: Top 10 Upcoming Anime in 2018. We’re finally blessed with a 3rd season of Tokyo Ghoul! Scheduled for release in 2018, it has recently been announced that there will be a…

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